Alerting with Reliably

Setting objectives and measuring import metrics is a critical first step. You also need to be notified when something goes wrong, or when your error budget is dropping. This is where alerts come in.

Create alert policies and attach them to one or more objectives or score cards, and be sure to never miss an important event happening on your system.

You can use alerts to receive Slack messages or to trigger a webhook that you can then use for custom scenarios.

Why is alerting important?

Modern systems are complex. There are a number of services and metrics you rely on and care about.

Receiving alerts when things go wrong is a critical component of meeting your service level objectives (SLOs) and agreements (SLAs) and ensuring the right people are alerted.

Alerting allows you to take the right decision at the right moment.

How does alerting work?

With Reliably, you can create alerts for one or more Objective or Score Card by specifying a threshold and alerting channel on which you will be notified if the threshold is breached. You may also define a severity as well as a custom message template to tailor-fit your alerts to your organization.

With Reliably, alerting involves three concepts:

  • Alert channels, where your alerts will be displayed. We currently support Slack messages and custom webhooks.
  • Alert policies, which define when an alert should be triggered.
  • Alert events, which are sent on a channel when a policy’s conditions are met.

Start by creating channels which will be used to send alerts.

The form to create an alert channel.

Then, create an alert policy to define which objectives and score cards you want to monitor, define a threshold, and select a channel.

The form to create an alert policy.

You’re now ready to receive alert events.

Another alerting tool?

Reliably is not an alerting system for on-call teams to be notified in case of system failure. We’re designing Reliably alerts as a tool to let you know when unusual things are happening. A drop in an objective’s results, even if not burning through your error budget might be a great opportunity to investigate and learn.

Our goal is to give you opportunities to learn and become a more efficient team to reduce maintenance anxiety. We’re convinced the reliability of your system lies in the sanity of the team as much as in your hardware and software.


What other features does Reliably offer?
Reliably offers a range of tools to reduce ops and on-call anxiety including alerts, score cards, service level objectives, service level indicators as well as chaos engineering experiments.
Does Reliably integrate with my workflow?
Yes, we integrate with a range of tools including AWS, GCP, and Github.
Can I get a free trial?
Yes, sign up for free (no credit card required) and get access to features such as service level objectives, scorecards, and alerts. You can cancel any time and you won't be charged anything.