Accelerate Resilience Adoption

Reliably helps teams and organizations use chaos engineering to build trust and confidence in their operational process.

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Reliably makes chaos engineering experiments more powerful and easier-to-use. Relying on the power and versatility of the open source Chaos Toolkit, Reliably gives you new tools and opportunities to better understand how your system works and reacts.

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Plan and schedule

Use Plans to setup an environment and schedule your experiments with CRON expressions. We'll take care of the rest.

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Run from everywhere

Chaos Toolkit experiments can run pretty much everywhere, and play nicely with your CI/CD. With Reliably you can also run them as GitHub Actions or in the Reliably Cloud, with no setup or installation needed.

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Integrate with anything

Connect Reliably with your favorite observability platform using OpenTelemetry, or send messages to Slack for each action. You can also use Slack messages as annotations in your execution timeline, making it easier to understand how your team reacted to events.

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People Confident engineers,
more performant teams

High-performing teams all have one thing in common: engineers and developers who feel confident navigating the system to identify and fix bugs and anomalies. Reliably's features make it easier than ever to understand how your system works and reacts.

Pause. Observe. Resume.

Pause experiments on-the-fly or at pre-determined breakpoints to investigate during experiments or to run GameDays. And if something unexpected happens, you can now stop experiments completely.

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Execution timeline

Explore your executions journals in a more visual way and get relevant results for each probe or action.

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Ready-to-use experiments allow to get started with chaos engineering faster than ever.

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Governance Speed up adoption

Reliably gathers all your experiments, results, and configuration in a common space. It makes it easier the share them across your organization and help more teams benefit from each others work.

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Share experiments

Teams can create experiments and make them available for everyone else to run. It significantly facilitates the adoption of chaos engineering throught your organization.

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Share results

Did an experiment you ran surface rsults that might be of interest to someone else? They can access your execution data and use it to plan their next move.

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Share configurations

Create reusable environments to safely store environments variables and make it easier for everyone to run their experiments. It's less time spent getting ready, and more time debugging.

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Open Core Powered by Open Source

There are known benefits in using open-source software at the enterprise level. They become even more obvious in a sensitive field as chaos engineering. The inherent transparency of open source makes it easier to ensure everything that runs in your environment is compliant with your security and reliability rules.

The open nature of Chaos Toolkit also makes it possible to adapt it to your most specific needs and make it run experiments in environments where other tools might not fit.

Chaos Toolkit is an active GitHub community with 1,600+ GitHub stars and dozens of contributors to the Chaos Toolkit core or one of its 30+ extensions. These extensions allow Chaos Toolkit to run in multiple environments, as well as to interface with your favorite observability, communication or tracing tool.

  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Prometheus
  • Spring
  • Istio
  • SaltStack
  • ToxiProxy
  • CloudFoundry
  • Slack
  • OpenTracing
  • OpenTelemetry
  • Humio
  • WireMock
  • OpenStack
  • Instana
  • Service Fabric
  • Dynatrace
  • Grafana