Engineer your
reliability culture

Reliably is here to assist engineering teams and organisations to get better at operating with greater predictability and less anxiety.

A screenshot of the Reliably dashboard

Developer-first reliability

  1. Create objectives

    Reliably can attach objectives on everything you care about.

  2. Aggregate reliability score

    Group objectives in a Score Card and easily monitor a service's health.

  3. Set smart alerts

    Reliably knows how close to you an objective is and alerts you accordingly.

Seamlessly integrate your entire development workflow

Reliably lets you use your favorite tools to source data, run the agent, or emit alerts.

  • Fetch metrics from your AWS services

  • Send your Chaos Toolkit experiments results to Reliably

  • Add Reliably to your CircleCI build

  • Import Datadog SLOs metrics into Reliably

  • Reliably as a GitHub Action

  • Add Reliably to your GitLab CI/CD pipeline

  • Google Load Balancer metrics provider

  • Add Reliably to your Jenkins build

  • Compute Service Level Indicators from Prometheus by providing a scalar or instant vector query

  • Send a message to Slack when the budget for a given objective is less than the threshold set in the alert configuration.

Drive your organization
through objectives

Shift reliability left

We've built Reliably so you can to start creating and using Objectives instantly. Let the CLI populate command automatically explore your infrastructure and suggest meaningful objectives, run the agent from your CI/CD, and you're ready to go.

Reliably puts the high level of intelligence and abstraction brought by objectives in the hands of those responsible for the reliability of systems and services: developers.

$ reliably populate github
17:11:03 Created 39 objectives
$ reliably populate aws
17:12:01 Created 24 objectives
$ reliably agent --interval 600
17:12:36 Starting agent...
17:12:38 Pushing indicators to
Reliability Score
99% 87% 74% 39%
Service Score Card: github payments cart database
Historical Reliability Score
99% 83% 78% 58%
Historical Objective Success
98% 91% 69% 71%
Objective Success
99% 89% 72% 30%

Moving the needle

The culture of reliability is one to practice incrementally. At Reliably we believe reliability is a conscious activity and shifting that culture is essential to business and teams health!

Create a wide variety of objectives so everyone can declare what good looks like at any level. Use Score Cards to aggregate objectives that belong together and use them to make high-level decisions on your team's next move. Explore with Chaos Engineering questions on how these scores get impacted under certain conditions.

Screenshot of an objective page in Reliably, showing an objective page, with data and charts.
$ reliably agent
Objective Name
99% of requests under 300ms
1 day
Latest Result
97.21 %
-1.79 %
Today New
⚠️ Objective Alert
Your objective 99% of requests under 300ms for service payments is under its threshold.
Last indicator: 98.7%

The reliability mindset

Why Reliably?

Build empathetic systems

Modern systems are hard to grasp and maintain because of their complexity. Reliably helps you build a better vision of your system, allowing you to better understand and run it.

Reduce Ops & on-call anxiety

Nobody likes to be on-call. The chance of potential incidents in parts of the system you don't understand perfectly can lead to anxiety. Reliably helps you visualize how your system run, so you're never in the dark.

Be proactive

Don't wait for incidents to happen. Use Reliably to learn how to know your system better, when and how to make it more reliable, and when is a good time to be working on new features.