Stories behind changes

The Reliably Timeline is a vizualization of the execution of an experiment.

A timeline delivers the unique experience of watching your system under a certain condition by collating relevant information into an easy navigation sequence.

A screenshot of the Reliably App, displaying the part of a timeline.

Systems are multi-layer beings. They do not respect assumptions for very long and often tend to behave contrary to our expectations. Making sound decisions within their complexities is challenging for anyone.

What if we could narrate the stories behind changes in our systems? What if we could do this with evidence and data? What if we could witness impacts of our change decisions?

Reliably Timelines is the backdrop upon which you and your teams can start telling the right story about your system.

Context for your bottom line

Bring any data you want into the timeline, whether its engineering or business oriented, the Timeline will help you bring context to understand how a change has, or could, impact your bottom line.