Plans combine all the other elements from Reliably to allow you to run and schedule experiments in a predefined environment.

Plans allow running chaos engineering experiments according to a schedule. They rely on an existing deployment to be granted the rights to run Chaos Toolkit in a GitHub Action or the Reliably Cloud.

A screenshot of the Plan creation form in the Reliably App. The form displays a select field to choose a deployment, a list of checkboxes to pick experiments and a text field to type a schedule in the form of a CRON schedule.

Create a plan


Pick an existing deployment where your plan will run. You can create two types of deployments:

  • GitHub deployments: your plan will run as a GitHub Action
  • Reliably Cloud deployments: your plan will be entirely handled by Reliably


Select an optional environment that stores variables and secrets that will be accessed by your environment and your experiment.


Select the existing experiment that your plan will run. Whether it is one of your imported experiments or one created from a starter, it will be executed by Chaos Toolkit in your selected deployment.


The 'schedule' text field defines when your plan will run. It expects a CRON schedule External link will open in a new tab or the now keyword, which will have your plan run once, as soon as possible.


Select one or more integrations that will be used by the experiment to send data to other tools in your stack.