How it works

Reliably Cloud

Reliably can handle the task of running your experiments for you. It’s a great way to get started and allows teams with various technical levels to run experiments without having to install anything.

Your pricing plan defines how long each experiment can take, as well as your total allowed time per month. Your remaining run time is available on your organization page External link will open in a new tab.

To run an experiment in the Reliably Cloud, create a Reliably Cloud deployment and use it in a plan.

GitHub Workflows

Use Github Workflows to run experiments without having to set up anything. Reliably will create a GitHub workflow and use it as your execution environment. Additional billing from GitHub might occur depending on your usage.

To run an experiment as a GitHub Workflow, create a GitHub deployment and use it in a plan.

On Premise (Reliably CLI)

Reliably relies on Chaos Toolkit to run experiments. It means you can benefit from its versatility and run Reliably pretty much anywhere. Use the Reliably CLI in your environment, as a CI/CD, a container, or a terminal, and it will get everything it needs from your plan and deployment.

To run an experiment with the Reliably CLI, create a Reliably CLI deployment and use it in a plan.