To use the Reliably CLI, you will need to first create an account with Reliably.

The Reliably CLI is not a mandatory step to enjoy Reliably. Indeed, you can perform all activities through the Reliably Cloud dashboard directly.

The CLI is useful when your environment prohibits execution from the Reliably cloud.

In a nutshell, if you are only getting started, you can safely skip this guide.


This guide explains the streamlined process of installing the Reliably CLI and taking the first steps to incorporate reliability feedback loop into your current workflow.

As a Python Package

The Reliably CLI is installed as a regular Python package. It requires Python 3.10+

Install it as follows:

python3 -m pip install --user reliably-cli

This will install the reliably binary in your $HOME/.local/bin directory.

To ensure that everything is working, you can use reliably version in a new Powershell window:

reliably version
Reliably CLI version x.x.x

Now you’re all set to configure your CLI.

As a binary

Reliably is currently not available as standalone binaries. We are working on this and will hopefully offer binaries for all major platforms soon.


The Reliably CLI can be configured via a file, environment variables or a mix of both. In that case, environment variables override any configuration file entry.

Initialize new Configuration

You can initialize a configuration file as follows:

reliably config init

This will prompt for a valid token and will list organizations you belong to.

View current Configuration

You can view the current configuration:

reliably config view

You can obtain the path to the configuration file with:

reliably config path


You do not need to set the following variables if you have initialized the configuration via reliably config init.

When running the CLI requires to be authenticated with the [service] token configuration entry or RELIABLY_SERVICE_TOKEN environment variable.

Using the environment variable overriddes the token stored into the configuration file.

export RELIABLY_SERVICE_TOKEN=6ccfdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You can create or retrieve a token from the settings page.

You can also override the Reliably organization via the RELIABLY_ORGANIZATION_ID environment variable.


The organization id can be found on your profile page.

What’s next?