Reliably's 200+ starters allow you to run your first experiments and verifications in minutes.

Starters are a selection of probes and actions that you can turn into a full-fledged experiment by filling out a form in the UI and immediately added to a plan.

Please note most actions and probes require an existing environment granting access to your environment variables and secrets.


This example uses the Verify Certificate starter, which has no specific requirements, and doesn't require an environment.

Screenshot of the Verifiy Certificate starters. The description reads: Performs a range of checks on the certificate of a remote endpoint.

Clicking the “Run it now” button from this page takes you to a template page where you can edit the name and description for your experiment, and fill a form to provide the experiment with the data it needs.

Screenshot of the template page. It has a generic title and description, which can be edited. The center of the page is a form with inputs for the certificate host and port, and optional fields for the minimum delay before the certificate expiration, as well as a list of alternative names.The template has been edited. The title now reads: Check the TLS certificate for The description reads: We want to make sure the certificate for doesn't expire in the next 10 days. The form has been filled: the Host fields contains, the Port field contains 443, and the Expires After field contains 10d.

Once the form has been filled, click “Save experiment” to create your experiment. You will be redirected to the experiment page.

Click the “Run experiment” to create a plan and run the experiment.

Screenshot of the plan being created. User needs to select an existing plan, here the default Reliably Cloud plan has been chosen. The Verify certificate experiment is already pre-selected. Typing 'now' in the schedule field will ensure the experiment runs as soon as possible.

The schedule field also offers useful cron shortcuts. “Everyday at 9:00”, for example, seems suitable for this particular experiment.

You can now Click the “Create plan” button.

The plan page is displayed with the plan marked as “Scheduled”. It will now run according to the provided schedule. Here, it will run only once, as soon as possible.

Starter categories

Starters are also available from a public page, and cover a vast array of platforms and actions:

  • AWS
    • ASG
    • CloudWatch
    • EC2
    • ECS
    • EKS
    • ElastiCache
    • ELBv2
    • EMR
    • Fault Injection Simulator
    • IAM
    • Lambda
    • RDS
    • Route 53
    • S3
    • SSM
  • AWS Availability Zones
    • ASG
    • ECS
    • EKS
    • ElastiCache
    • ELB
    • ELBv2
    • Amazon MQ
  • Azure
    • AKS
    • Machine
    • VMSS
    • WebApp
  • Dynatrace
  • Gandi
  • Google Cloud
    • GKE
    • SQL
    • Storage
  • Grafana k6
  • Istio
  • Kubernetes
    • Node
    • Pod
    • Service
    • Statefulset
  • Prometheus
  • Service Fabric
  • Spring
  • ToxiProxy
  • WireMock