Joining from ChaosIQ

We will soon be retiring ChaosIQ, the Chaos Toolkit console. Existing ChaosIQ users are encouraged to sign up for a Reliably account, where they will find the same chaos engineering experiments and results tracking capabilities. They will also benefits from the new SRE features that are available to all Reliably users.

ChaosIQ Reliably

Chaos Engineering

Chaos Toolkit experiments Yes Yes
Objectives verifications Yes Yes
Automated verifications No Yes


Objectives / SLOs Yes Yes
Score cards No Yes
Alerts No Yes

The underlying approach of Reliably, and thus its data structure, being quite different from the one of ChaosIQ, we will not be able to provide a data migration tool or process.

Users of a Reliably paid plan will get support, which could be used to discuss how we could help in such a process, depending on your specific situation.