reliably agent

reliably agent

runs in agent mode sending SLIs to Reliably


Runs the CLI in SLO agent mode. This mode identifies and creates SLIs (service level indicators) for all SLO/Objectives created by the reliaby populate [provider] command.

Note that each reliably provider type will require the relevant access permissions

reliably agent [flags]


run SLI agent with a fetch interval of 600 seconds
$ reliably agent --interval 600

run a single iteration of the SLI agent
$ reliably agent


  -h, --help           help for agent
  -i, --interval int   interval indicators are pushed at in seconds
                       If interval is 0 or not given the agent will
                       run a single iteration

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-color       Disable color output
  -v, --verbose        verbose output
  -V, --very-verbose   very verbose output