reliably slo init

initialise the slo portion of the manifest


Initialise the reliably manifest.

The manifest describes the operational contraints of the application, as well as some metadata about the app that allows users to reach out and communicate with the maintainer.

reliably slo init [flags]


$ reliably slo init:
  this method interactively creates a manifest file, asking you questions
  on the command line and adding your answers to the manifest file.

$ reliably slo init -f <path>:
  this method works the same as reliably init, but allows you to specify
  the location of the file. This is useful if you use a multi-repo approach
  to source control.


  -h, --help            help for init
  -o, --output string   store a local copy of the service manifest created (default "./reliably.yaml")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-color       Disable color output
  -v, --verbose        verbose output
  -V, --very-verbose   very verbose output