reliably slo delete

deletes Objectives based on given manifest/selectors


Deletes Objectives based on the given manifest or selector. Note that if both --manifest and --selector are specified, the selectors will be prioritized

selectors must be given in the format: --selector 'key=value'

reliably slo delete [flags]


delete all entities within an manifest
$ reliably slo delete -m reliably.yaml

delete all enitites that match any of the given selectors, equivalent: (OR statement)
$ reliably slo delete --selector='key=value' --selector='key=value'

delete all entities that match ALL the key=value pairs within the selector, equivalent: (AND statement)
$ reliably slo delete --selector='key=value, key=value, key=value'


  -h, --help                   help for delete
  -m, --manifest string        the location of the manifest file (default "reliably.yaml")
  -l, --selector stringArray   key/value pair(s) matching objective labels to be deleted

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-color       Disable color output
  -v, --verbose        verbose output
  -V, --very-verbose   very verbose output