To use Reliably, you will need to authenticate the Reliably CLI with Reliably.com.

You can authenticate with third party OAuth providers. Reliably currently supports GitHub and GitLab.

Reliably requires only access to the minimal set of information to create your profile. Usually your username and email address.


You can log in with the reliably auth login command, when prompted for the type of login select a provider, with the arrow keys and select enter:

reliably auth login
Logging into reliably.com
? How would you like to authenticate?  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> Login with GitHub
  Login with GitLab
  Paste an authentication token

An authentication page will be launched in your browser, for instance with the GitHub provider:

GitHub Login

When you accept the challenge, the browser will show a message to close its window and the CLI will acknowledge you are now logged in.

 Logged in as user

You have successfully logged in to Reliably and are now ready to use the reliably commands.

Get started with the section Define and Observe your Reliability to start using reliably slo, or continue reading this section for additional login functionality.

Authentication status

You can check your authentication status with the reliably auth status command:

reliably auth status
   Logged in to reliably.com as user (~/.config/reliably/config.yaml)
   Token: *******************

Access token

You can retrieve your access token (aka API key) with the reliably auth status --show-token command:

reliably auth status --show-token
   Logged in to reliably.com as user (~/.config/reliably/config.yaml)
   Token: 6ccfdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


You can logout with the reliably auth logout command:

reliably auth logout
? Are you sure you want to log out of reliably.com account 'user'? Yes
Logged out of reliably.com account 'user'

Your client session is now logged out from Reliably and you can no further pass commands to Reliably.

Authenticate for CI/CD

When running the CLI in a CI/CD environment or simply where interactive login is not wanted, the CLI can be authenticated by using the RELIABLY_TOKEN environment variable. Using the environment variable overriddes the token stored into the config.

export RELIABLY_TOKEN=6ccfdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Once the environment variable is defined, any command of the CLI will be able to make authenticated calls to Reliably.

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