Installing the Reliably CLI

Quick Install Guide

This guide explains the streamlined process of installing the Reliably CLI and taking the first steps to incorporate reliability best practices into your current workflow. Alternatively, you may prefer to manually install the Reliably CLI or work with a kubectl plugin instead

    Manual Install Guide

    This guide explains the in-depth process of manually installing the Reliably CLI to support continuous application reliability throughout your SDLC. Alternatively, you may prefer to install the Reliably CLI as a kubectl plugin or work with a previous version instead

      Kubectl Plugin Guide

      If you use kubernetes clusters to containerise your application, you may prefer to install reliably as a kubectl plugin instead. The kubectl command-line tool allows you to interact with your kubernetes clusters to be able to mantain and manage them. Plugins extend kubectl with new sub-commands, allowing for custom features not included in the main distribution of kubectl

      Install Directly

      To install reliably as a kubectl plugin, follow either the Quick Install Guide or the Manual Install Guide and replace the executable's filename with kubectl-reliably instead

      Alternatively, you can use krew

      Install as a Krew Plugin

      Krew is an open-source plugin manager maintained by the Kubernetes SIG CLI community. If you don't already have krew installed, we recommend you follow the krew install guide. Once installed, you can install the reliably plugin with:

      kubectl krew install reliably

      To ensure that everything is working, you can use kubectl reliably --version:

      kubectl reliably --version
      Reliably CLI version x.x.x (yyyy-mm-dd)

      Now you're all set to login

      Previous Versions

      To install a previous release, you can use the following:

      reliably update --version x.x.x

      You can find the full list of Reliably CLI releases here.