What are Score Cards?

Score cards are a way to group objectives on a particular topic and gain visibility on their overall health and success.

Score cards provide a grade from A to D by computing the historical success of your objectives, the freshness of the results, and their current state

Why score cards?

Setting up objectives for your system (or using the Reliably CLI to create automatically create objectives for you) will likely result in a large number of SLOs. While they are valuable to observe precisely how each indicator of a particular service is going, they are not the right-level tool for a quick view of a service’s health.

Grouping all the service level objectives for a particular service in a score card provides you with a new layer of abstraction that can help you make high-level decisions on your team’s next move.

We’ve also found out that score cards were a useful tool to introduce non-technical stakeholders to reliability.

How do score cards work?

Before you create score cards, you need to have existing objectives in your organization. You can create objectives with Reliably CLI.

Create a score card by selecting the objectives that matter to you in a particular context.

The score card creation form

If the objectives have data, your score card will start displaying a score based on both historical and recent data.

A score card with an 'A' grade in a green square. Under the grade is a 98.25% reliability score. The right-hand side of the score card displays additional information, like the name of the card 'Login Service' and a list of annotations metadata.

For an in-depth explanation of how the reliability score is computed, read the score card documentation.

Build empathetic systems

An SLO-oriented approach to reliability encourages developers to understand that there is always a trade-off to aiming for perfection and that finding the right balance between service errors and happy customers is key to a highly productive and empathetic team. 

Score cards can be added on top of this so that a high-level picture can be seen of the overall reliability and health of service, allowing engineers to onboard a wide range of technical and non-technical roles into your organizations reliability journey.


Who should use score cards?
Reliably is built by reliability engineers, for reliability engineers! Nevertheless, score cards have been built as a tool useful for a wide array of people across your organization, from SREs to product and marketing persons.
What other features does Reliably offer?
Reliably offers a range of tools to reduce ops and on-call anxiety including alerts, chaos experiments, service level objectives, and service level indicators.
Can I get a free trial?
Yes, sign up for free (no credit card required) and get access to features such as objectives, scorecards, and alerts. You can cancel any time and you won't be charged anything.