Experiment Builder

The experiment builder is the easiest –and probably the fastest– method for creating new experiments. It helps both beginners and advanced users visualize the experiment's structure and modify it in a straighforward way.

A screenshot of the turbulence block in the builder, showing activities to cordon a Kubernetes node, terminiate a pod, and list the existing nodes.

Choose from over 300 activities

Reliably supports over 300 actions (or «attacks») and probes built by Reliably and the open-source Chaos Toolkit community.They allow you to target services on AWS (EC2, ECS, EKS, IAM, Lambda, and more), Google Cloud (such as Cloud Run, or GKE), Azure, Kubernetes, and many others.

Just select one as your experiment's starting point and let the builder guide you.

Browse actions and probes

Smart recommandations

The Reliably Assistant knows when activities are often used together, so it can suggest activities that will play nicely with the one you just selected. It speeds up your experiment creation, and helps you discover new activities.

Reorder and reorganize

Did you change your mind and want to rearrange the order of the actions in your turbulence block? Or maybe move one to the warm up section? Just drag it there, and it will remember it's configuration.

Pick a strategy

Reliably allows you to precisely configure how section is played during your experiment run. Do you want it to be a simple verification? Or a full-fledged chaos engineering experiment? We have you covered.

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