Improving team health within DevOps is vital for success in any engineering team.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways that you can improve team health with Reliably so you can keep your developers happier, healthier and free from burnout.

The Heart Behind Reliably

developer team health

In our view, the world of engineering has become more complex, not just in the outside world, but within our systems as well.

Engineering teams have a lot on their shoulders and although your systems might be working, teams are constantly under pressure. This is because our day-to-day work is not as sustainable as we want it to be.

Within DevOps culture, we desire to use approaches such as agile or scrum to ensure that we act better for ourselves and hopefully for our users.

We put automation in place to have a positive effect and make our life easier, to enhance communication and make things repeatable; but bizarrely enough they also make our life more complicated.

Now we don’t just have to code on the product to deliver, we also have to code on the things we do for ourselves. Therefore, we have more work on a daily basis and that can lead to unnecessary pressure

The outside world cannot understand why this process is so slow, meanwhile, we have so much to accomplish because it is more complex than people know.

Reliably Acknowledges Burn Outs

Working is fun and exciting but can also be extremely overwhelming and, in the worst-case scenario, it can lead us to burn out and developers left feeling very anxious.

There are several reasons for burnout and anxiety.

The most common reason is that the developers are working too many hours. They’re also under pressure to meet deadlines and reduce downtime and they’re constantly being asked to do more with less.

Ultimately, Reliably is here to alleviate some of these overwhelming feelings we experience as engineers and teams when it comes to ensuring healthy systems.

We do this by encouraging a proactive approach to reliability.

Reduces On-Call Anxiety

Nobody likes to be on-call, it can create overwhelming feelings of anxiety - particularly the chance of potential incidents in parts of the system you don’t understand fully.

We built Reliably to help you visualize how your system runs, so you’re never in the dark.

Reliably Prioritises Good Health of Teams

reduce burnout

Reliability is not a just system being available. Reliability is the sustainability of teams and the good health of teams.

It is the belief that you cannot do a good job or deliver a great user experience if you are feeling completely drained and burned out.

Reliability is people-driven and so you must take care of people first so that they can be impactful.

Healthy Systems = Happy Users

If the engineers responsible have good, healthy practices in place to manage systems and keep them healthy then ultimately we can keep our users happy, meet our service level agreements and deliver great products and services.