• ChaosIQ is excited to announce that we are now, officially, Reliably.
  • Reliably is a new, complementary tool to the Chaos Toolkit that puts Site Reliability Engineering directly into the hands of your DevOps teams.
  • With Reliably you can now close the loop on code-level improvements that can be surfaced and explored using Chaos Toolkit experiments.
  • Reliably will continue to be an active contributor and to lead the development of the free and open-source Chaos Toolkit.

For Chaos Engineering, the Chaos Toolkit has become The tool

As of this post, ChaosIQ is now officially rebranded as Reliably, but this goes much deeper than a simple re-brand. ChaosIQ was founded in order to support the free and open-source Chaos Toolkit and to provide extra, commercial tools, where needed, that could support and accelerate a chaos engineer’s job.

That mission of enabling an open community in chaos engineering through great tooling has not changed, and in fact, now we’re excited to announce that all our efforts to enable everyone to be able to conduct safe chaos engineering experiments is now 100% focused on the free and open-source Chaos Toolkit.

We love the vibrant and active community that has formed around the Chaos Toolkit and see only great things ahead for that project and ecosystem.

At the same time, we’ve noticed that there is a lot of synergy between Site Reliability Engineering and Chaos Engineering. Time and again, as we’ve worked with users and customers across the globe we’ve found that the two disciplines, along with Observability, go hand-in-hand to help DevOps teams shoulder the burden of reliability, and so Reliably was born.

Reliably helps Developers do their job, reliably

As the name suggests, Reliably is developer-focused tooling that helps DevOps teams shoulder the burden of being proactive about their system’s, and their code’s, reliability. Through suggestions and solutions, Reliably works as an additional reliability-focussed team member, integrating with your existing tools (CLI, CI/CD pipelines, Observability systems) in order to surface reliability suggestions and solutions directly to your team.

Reliably’s mission is to help developers begin to easily adopt Site Reliability Engineering, turning reliability into a true engineering problem and getting all the benefits of this exciting approach.

Reliably + Chaos Toolkit

Early users of Reliably and the Chaos Toolkit have demonstrated just how complementary these two tools are. This is, of course, by design.

Where the Chaos Toolkit helps you develop verifying and exploratory chaos experiments to surface how your system responds to turbulent conditions, Reliably helps you better prepare your code and systems for those conditions before your code is shipped.

The Chaos Toolkit and Reliably Going Forward

With the introduction of Reliably, developers now have a tool to begin to handle the burden of ensuring their code and systems are as reliable as they need them to be. Alongside the Chaos Toolkit, you can also explore and verify that those improvements result in real value in your production systems.

We see both these tools being fundamental to the future of Reliably as a company. That’s why we will continue to lead and be a contributor and community member of the Chaos Toolkit alongside our work on its new cousin, Reliably.