Accelerate resilience engineering adoption in your organization with Reliably

Your observability stack is all set up, but how do you check it surfaces the good signals? And how do your teams prepare for incidents? Chaos engineering helps you proactively prepare for incidents and get better at responding to them.
Discover how Reliably makes it easier for organizations to adopt chaos engineering at scale.


Provide developers with easily customizable experiments

We know it's sometimes hard for development teams to find the time to learn yet another tool to add their stack. And we know SRE and platform engineering teams can't spend all their time writing specific experiments for everyone.

Our templates allow reliability engineers to create customizable experiments. Upload an existing experiment, and we'll turn it into a template that everyone can use by simply filling out a form.

No more sharing JSON files and manually modifying values, while retaining all the versatility and power of Chaos Toolkit.


Create experiments in minutes

Reliably comes bundled with more than 200 actions (to perform an activity or an attack on your system) and probes (to measure and check the state of your system), allowing new users to run their first experiment in minutes.

Pick a starter from the list, fill out a simple form, and we'll create an experiment. And if you don't want to install anything, you can even run it from the Reliably Cloud.

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Run from the cloud.
Or anywhere else.

Chaos engineering experiments are typically run in a CI/CD. While it makes perfect sense, as it makes resilience work as part of your development pipeline, it sometimes makes it hard to quickly try new things.

Reliably can run your experiments in the cloud, making it easier than ever to run experiments on demand. It's a great solution while you're working on your experiments, organizing game days, or onboarding new teammates. It's also a fully scalable solution, with built-in scheduling and plug-and-play integrations.

Reliably can also run experiments in Kubernetes, in a Docker image, or even as a GitHub action. And, of course, in your favorite CI/CD.

Timeline and execution journal

Explore as a team

Reliably gathers all your executions data in a shared space, making it easier to collaborate on findings.

No more emailing JSON files or pasting journals in Slack. Reliably provides you with a more efficient way to understand what happended during your experiment. It means more time to actually learn things, fix bugs, and find solutions.


Choose your pace

Our plans allow you to start small and grow at your own speed, with optional on-premises and private cloud deployments.