What is SRE in media & entertainment services?

From gaming and movie streaming services to online gambling and social media platforms the global entertainment and media market was valued at 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021, projected to reach 2.6 trillion by 2025.

Keeping these systems robust and reliable is critical for SRE and ensuring customer satisfaction. Reliability means that these services should work and continue working 24/7 365 days a year.

Services include:

The challenges of SRE Within media & entertainment services

There are a number of challenges within the media and entertainment industry when it comes to improving site reliability.

What if your media & entertainment services go down?

There are many case studies in the media and entertainment industry from where services have gone down due to poor service reliability.

New Zealand lotto servers were overwhelmed when customers tried to buy 5,000 tickets per minute for the $43 million draw, and couldn’t handle the traffic. This was an edge case for the company as they had never expected to see that kind of traffic - running chaos experiments to stress test systems is a critical part of improving service reliability.

Facebook suffered a 19-minute site-wide outage, considered to be one of the most expensive downtime periods in history. Based on Facebook’s revenue, it was calculated that a single minute of downtime cost the social media giant $22,453, adding up to roughly $426,607 for the 19 minutes the site went offline.

Why media & entertainment institutions should focus on scaling reliable services

Media and entertainment services must inspire reliability and trust in their users to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. In order to do this, companies must reduce risk and provide secure, reliable, resilient, and always available services for their users. 

According to Netflix, failure injection testing is a critical part of scaling reliable services, and tools like chaos engineering, scorecards, and SLOs are critical.

How our tools improve SRE within media & entertainment services

Different teams and departments will think about reliability differently and how it impacts their customers - Reliably provides the tools needed to reduce risk and provide secure, reliable, resilient, and always available services.

With Reliably you can

  • Be SLO-oriented

    Use an SLO oriented approach to reliability in financial services

  • Score your System Health

    Give a live view of system health through scoring

  • Shift Reliability Left

    Enable cultural shifts that promote and increase reliability

  • Measure & Track Reliability

    Define what a reliable system means to a team, and keep track of it

  • Integrate Chaos Engineering

    Proactively track weaknesses with Chaos Engineering



Does reliability improve customer satisfaction within media and entertainment services?
Yes, delivering on your SLOs is critical to developing and maintaining trust with your customers. The cost of not delivering reliable services could result in people using another competitor.
What are the qualities of a good media and entertainment service?
Qualities of good media and entertainment services include security and privacy, ease-of-use and always available services.
What is a shift-left culture in media and entertainment?
Shift-left culture in the media and entertainment industry means empowering teams and engineers in different departments to be more proactive and mindful of their users’ experience and ensuring the availability and reliability of services.
Can I try Reliably for free?
Yes, sign up for free (no credit card required) and get started with defining and observing your reliability. You can cancel any time and you won't be charged anything.