What is SRE in education services?

Each school will have its own IT infrastructure which empowers teachers to teach and children to learn. This might include e-learning tools, online portals containing data such as grades and test scores, online exams, and access to the internet and intranets. They will also have their own electronic safeguarding system, pupil registrations, and software tools that empower children to work.

In addition to the individual services schools use, the department of education will also provide a range of services to teachers, schools, and families. These include:

The availability of these services is critical in providing good quality education and safeguarding kids.

The challenges of SRE within education

There are a number of challenges within the education sector when it comes to improving site reliability.

What if your education services go down?

According to DataFoundry the cost of downtime ranges from $137 to $17,244 per minute. Although most education services are not financially motivated, there is a more human cost for service outages which impact schools across the world.

For example, if your government education services went down, there would be no way to access child benefits and it could also impact the payments for school teachers and staff.

Within a school, if your networks are hacked or fail this could prevent access to the internet which means teachers and children are limited in the way they are taught and learn.

Why educational institutions should focus on scaling reliable services

Education services must inspire reliability and trust in their users. In order to do this, governments must reduce risk and provide secure, reliable, resilient, and always available services for their schools.

We saw many schools struggle during Covid-19, who were not prepared for remote schooling and teaching online as a result of legacy systems and poor IT infrastructure.

The accelerating pace of online learning and always available services is constant, and the need to scale reliable services has never been greater.

How our tools improve SRE within education services

Different teams and departments will think about reliability differently and how it impacts schools, children, teachers, and families - Reliably provides the tools needed to reduce risk and provide secure, reliable, resilient, and always available services.

With Reliably you can

  • Be SLO-oriented

    Use an SLO oriented approach to reliability in financial services

  • Score your System Health

    Give a live view of system health through scoring

  • Shift Reliability Left

    Enable cultural shifts that promote and increase reliability

  • Measure & Track Reliability

    Define what a reliable system means to a team, and keep track of it

  • Integrate Chaos Engineering

    Proactively track weaknesses with Chaos Engineering



Does reliability improve user satisfaction within education?
Yes, delivering on your SLOs is critical to developing and maintaining trust with your users. The cost of not delivering reliable services could result in complaints and frustration that lead to anxiety and stress within your teams.
What are the qualities of good education services?
Qualities of good education services include security and privacy, ease of use, and always available services.
What is a shift-left culture in education?
Shift-left culture in education means empowering IT staff and engineers in government education departments to be more proactive and mindful of their users’ experience and ensuring the availability and reliability of services.
Can I try Reliably for free?
Yes, sign up for free (no credit card required) and get started with defining and observing your reliability. You can cancel any time and you won't be charged anything.