Verify TLS Certificate is Valid

Verify the certificate of a remote endpoint for expiration date, alternative subject names, issuer and fingerprint.

This starter allows you to create and run a verification that checks your TLS Certificate expiration on demand.

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The form requires the following field:

  • The domain main to which the TLS certificate is attached;
  • An expiration delay: if your certificate is set to expire before this delay, the verification will fail.

Additionnaly, the following optional fields are available:

  • A port number (will default to 443),
  • Alternative domain names under the same certificate,
  • TLS fingerprint,
  • Certificate issuer.

It also presents the following fields, which are common to all starters and experiments:

  • Contributions, to explicitely describe what your experiment contributes to;
  • Tags, to categorize your experiment.
A screenshot of the form to create and run the experiment

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