A WebhookCriteria declaratively defines the data required to invoke a remote webhook when a certain internal event is received.


apiVersion: reliably.com/v1
kind: WebhookCriteria
    labels: {}
    relatedTo: {}
    url: <string>
        event_type: <string>
        api_version: <string>
        kind: <string>
        labels_selector: {}


apiVersionsee APIVersion
kindsee Kind
metadatasee metadata
specsee spec
spec.urlThe url of the webhook. This URL must be able to accept a POST request that contains the entity that caused the event
spec.triggerA collection of properties that must match the incoming event for the webhook to be invoked
spec.trigger.event_typeThe type of event that this webhook is triggered by. Possible options are created, deleted, changed
spec.trigger.api_versionthe api version of the entity that this webhook is triggered by.
spec.trigger.kindthe kind of entity that this webhook is triggered by.
spec.trigger.lables_selectorThe labels that the entity must have in order to trigger this webhook. see selectors for more information.