reliably slo report

generate the SLOs report


Generates a report of your SLOs.

It is also possible to generate the report to different files & formats at once, with using '--format' and '--output' flags with comma-separated list as values.

reliably slo report [flags]


  $ reliably slo report
  $ reliably slo report -f text
  $ reliably slo report -f markdown -o
  $ reliably slo report -f yaml,json -o o.yaml,o.json
  $ reliably slo report -t slo-report.tmpl
  $ reliably slo report -t slo-report.tmpl -o slo-report.txt


  -f, --format string     specify the report format. Allowed Values: [json yaml text table markdown template] (default "table")
  -h, --help              help for report
  -m, --manifest string   the location of the manifest file
  -o, --output string     where the report should be written to
  -l, --selector string   objectives selector based on labels
      --service string    the name of the service
  -t, --template string   the name of the template to use for the report output
  -w, --watch             continuously watch for changes in report output

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-color       Disable color output
  -v, --verbose        verbose output
  -V, --very-verbose   very verbose output