Upgrade Reliably

‘New update available’ notice

While running any command, when a new release is available on GitHub, a message will be output at end of the command output.

A new release of reliably is available:

Details of the new release can be found here:

To upgrade on your system run:
$ reliably update

The new release availability check is performed only once every 24 hours.

How to update

The CLI has the ability to download and replace its own binary. To do so, simply run:

reliably update

And follow the instructions on the screen.

You can then check your installed version with the reliably --version command.

Update to a specific version

By default, the CLI updates to the latest version. This can be configured by using the --version flag to choose a specific version to update to.

This version may also be a version older than the one that is currently installed, thus allowing you to downgrade.

reliably update --version 1.2.3