Live Reporting

When you have defined your Service Level Objectives (SLOs), monitoring them gives you a great indication to the state of you system. You can use the Reliably CLI for this.


The Reliably CLI has a watch flag that will continually fetch new metrics and update the displayed report on your terminal every 3 seconds.

You can have this running while you make changes to your system. If your updates impact your SLOs, this will be reflected in the displayed report in near real-time.

To monitor your SLOs live via the terminal, add the --watch / -w flag.

reliably slo report --watch
Refreshing SLO report every 3 seconds. Press CTRL+C to quit.
                                          Actual   Target  Delta    Time Window  
  Service #1: http-api                           
   99% availability over 1 hour         100.00%  99%     1.00%    1 hour       
   99.5% availability over 1 day        100.00%  99.5%   0.50%    1 day        
   99% of requests under 300ms          77.46%   99%     -21.54%  1 day        
   99.9% of requests under 1s           98.59%   99.9%   -1.31%   1 day        
  Service #2: products-api                       
   99% availability over 1 day          100.00%  99%     1.00%    1 day        
   99.5% of requests under 200ms        100.00%  99.5%   0.50%    1 day


Read the Reliably CLI SLO Reports command reference for a complete list of options.