Generate your CI/CD workflow

Reliably can be used as part of your CI/CD workflow. It supports usage on different CI/CD platforms. The CLI has a workflow command to automatically generates the workflow file for you in your current repository.

reliably workflow

You will then be prompted to choose one of the targeted platforms, for which we can generate a default workflow template.

? Select your CI/CD platform to create the Reliably workflow  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> GitHub

The workflow file will be written at the default location required by the CI/CD platform.

Your workflow has been generated to .github/workflows/reliably.yaml

You can now add and commit the workflow to your repository:
$ git add .github/workflows/reliably.yaml
$ git commit -m "Add Reliably workflow"

You must define RELIABLY_TOKEN as a Secret in your repository settings:

You can retrieve your access token by running:
$ reliably auth status --show-token

You must define RELIABLY_ORG as a Secret in your repository settings:

You can retrieve your current organization information by running:
$ reliably org current

Specify the platform

If you already know the platform you are targetting, and don't want to enter the interactive mode, you can use the --platform flag:

reliably workflow --platform github

The supported platforms values are:

  • github
  • gitlab
  • circleci

Generate to standard output

If you don't want us to generate the workflow file in your current repository, we can display it on the standard output, by using the --stdout flag.

reliably workflow --platform github --stdout
name: Reliably workflow
on: push