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Run Reliably as a kubectl Plugin

The kubectl command-line tool lets you control Kubernetes clusters. kubectl commands are the essential building blocks for interacting with a Kubernetes cluster. Plugins extend kubectl with new sub-commands, allowing for new and custom features not included with the main distribution of kubectl.

The Reliably CLI can be run as a kubectl plugin and installed as a Krew plugin. Krew is an open-source plugin manager maintained by the Kubernetes SIG CLI community.


The easiest way to install and use this plugin is with Krew.

As a Krew Plugin

If you don't already have Krew installed, please install it from the Krew install guide.

Once Krew is installed you can install Reliably plugin with:

kubectl krew install reliably

From GitHub

If you don't want to use Krew, download the Reliably CLI from the Releases page or clone it and build it from the GitHub repository. Then, rename it (or make a copy) as kubectl-reliably anywhere in your PATH, ensuring it is executable.

For example, here is how to install it for macOS, considering $HOME/bin is a directory in your PATH:

curl -L https://github.com/reliablyhq/cli/releases/latest/download/reliably-darwin-amd64 -o $HOME/bin/kubectl-reliably -s
chmod +x ~/bin/kubectl-reliably


If you have installed the kubectl-reliably either as a Krew plugin or from Github, you can run the plugin with:

kubectl reliably

You should see the Reliably CLI help page.

You can now use all the commands from the CLI in kubectl.