Manage Score Cards

Score cards are an easy way to group related objectives to get quick overview of a particular service.

Create a Score Card

To create a score card, navigate to Explore from the left-hand sidebar menu and click the Score Cards tab.

Click the “Create Score Card” button.

In the modal window that opens, type a name for your score card, and click the “Add” button to select the objectives you want to group for this score card.

If you need to, you can remove an objective for the list after it has been added.

When you’re satisfied with your selection, click “Create Score Card”.

View Score Card Details

Click on the name of a score card in the list to navigate to its detailed view. It presents a list of the objectives that contribute to the score card. Clicking on an objective name will be the detailed view for this particular objective.

Delete a Score Card

From the list of score cards, select one or more score cards with the checkbox located before their name. Then click the top-right “Delete Score Cards” button.

From an individual score card view , click the top-right button and select “Delete Score Card”. You will be prompted to confirm your action.