Reliability Score and Score Cards

Objectives allow you to define a set of indicators for each of your services or components of your system and specify what “good” looks like for each of them.

But what if you want a higher-level view of the reliability of a particular service?

This is what the reliability score is for.

Reliability Score

In the Reliably web app, you can group objectives to create score cards.

The score card will give you a set of metrics and an overall reliability score for this set of objectives.

Objective Success

The objective success metric shows the percentage of objectives in your group that were above their threshold in the last measurement.

If you have 4 objectives grouped in a score card, and 3 of them were above their threshold in their latest measurement, the objective success value will be 75%.

Historical Objective Success

The historical objective success metric is the percentage of indicators above the threshold for all your objectives, for all previous measurements.


  • A score card group two objectives, A and B.
  • Objective A has a 95% threshold.
  • Objective B has a 99% threshold.
Objective A ResultsObjective B Results

We have 10 combined objective results for this score card, 7 of which are positive.

This score has a Historical Success Metric score of 70%.

Historical Reliability Score

The historical reliability score is the average of all known reliability scores for this score card.

Reliability Score

The reliability score is a weighted computation of the three previous metrics:

  • Objective Success: 70%
  • Historical Objective Success: 15%
  • Historical Reliability Score: 15%

Depending on the value of your reliability score, your score card will display a grade from A to D.

Reliability ScoreGrade
90% and aboveA
Between 80% and 90%B
Between 70% and 80%C
70% and belowD

For more details about how those individual metrics are computed, refer to the Computing Results and Scores page.