Kubernetes Objectives

Kubernetes is a platform of choice for cloud native applications but it can quickly overwhelming to establish health of services running on it.


  1. The reliably CLI installed and authenticated against Reliably
  2. A Kubernetes cluster
  3. Prometheus running on the target cluster

Note: The reliably populate kube command utilises Prometheus endpoints for retrieving metrics. If prometheus is not present, the command will not work.

Populate Reliably with Kubernetes Objectives

Creating objectives targetting Kubernetes cluster, run the following command:

$ reliably populate kube

Objectives created by Reliably

ResourceObjective NameTargetThresholdPeriodDescription
PodsRemaining pod restart threshold95%1024hUtilises metric data from Prometheus to measure the number of Pod restarts within a given window against a specified threshold. The Objective expects that no more than 95% of the Pod restart threshold (10) will be consumed within a 24 hour window