Google Cloud Objectives

Google Cloud Platform offers a large variety of services that Reliably can help you understand better through ready to use objectives.


  1. The reliably CLI installed and authenticated against Reliably
  2. A Google service account or SDK access credentials, see here

Note: The environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS is explicitly required

The service account must have the following roles:

  • roles/browser to list Cloud Run and Cloud Functions by the populate command
  • roles/run.viewer to access the Cloud Run services by the populate command
  • roles/cloudfunctions.viewer to access the Cloud functions by the populate command
  • roles/monitoring.viewer to read metrics for these services by the agent command

Populate Reliably with Google Cloud Objectives

Creating objectives targetting your Google Cloud platform, run the following command:

$ reliably populate gcp

Objectives created by Reliably

ResourceObjective NameTargetPeriodDescription
Cloudfunctions95% - Percentage of request executed in under 500ms95%24hMeasures the effectiveness of a Cloudfunction by calculating the number of requests executed within the default target (500ms) and window (24 hours).
Cloudrun95% - Percentage of requests with latency below 300ms95%24hIdentifies the latency of a given Cloudrun resource by analysing the relative Google Cloud Metric. The Objective expects 95% of requests to be executed with latency less than 300ms.