Dynatrace Objectives

Dynatrace is a software intelligence platform that utilises AI and automatiion to monitor and optimize applications, infrastructure and security. It utilises metric ingestion from various sources which makes it a great place to track Service Level Objectives (SLOs).


  1. The reliably CLI installed and authenticated against Reliably

  2. Access to a Dynatrace account

  3. Dynatrace API access configured on the host running the reliably CLI tool. The following Environment variable are required when configuring access.

    DYNATRACE_ENV_IDThe Dynatrace Host Environment ID. See here for more information.
    DYNATRACE_API_TOKENA Dynatrace API token with sufficient scope to read all metrics. See here for information on how to generate access tokens.

Populate Reliably using Dynatrace

As Dynatrace supports ingesting metrics and SLO trackin, Reliably integrates by allowing you to import SLOs defined in Dynatrace.

This can be done using:

$ reliably populate dynatrace --sync

You can also define your own metric based SLO by passing a mertric expression to the Reliably CLI and defining your own targets and aggregation. Reliably will use the given expression to retrieve metrics from Dynatrace and calculate your SLOs based on the targets provided.

To add your own metric expression based SLO run the command below and follow the onscreen prompts:

$ reliably populate dynatrace

Note: As SLOs are either created using user defined expressions or imported from Dynatrace, there are no pre-defined Objectives for the Dynatrace provider.