AWS Objectives

AWS offers a large variety of services that Reliably can help you understand better through ready-to-use objectives.


  1. The reliably CLI installed and authenticated against Reliably
  2. An AWS account
  3. AWS Credentials configured on the host running the reliably CLI tool. See here for details on how to configure AWS Credentials.

Populate Reliably with AWS Objectives

Creating objectives targetting your AWS platform, run the following command:

$ reliably populate aws

Objectives created by Reliably

ResourceObjective NameTargetPeriodDescription
API Gateway


Elastic Load Balancer
95% of requests successful over last 24 hours95%24hMeasures the availability of a given resource by calculating the success rate based on the number of errors over a given period. The Objective expects that 95% of requests to the resource will be executed without error.
API Gateway

Elastic Load Balancer
95% of requests faster than 250ms over last %s95%24hIdentifies the latency of a given resource by analysing cloudwatch latency metrics of a given API Gateway API. The Objective expects 95% of requests to be executed with latency less than 250ms.