About us

Developers of the world, unite!

We’re here to give reliability the respect it deserves – empowering developers everywhere to build smarter, more reliable, and more resilient systems.

The Reliably Vision

Our vision puts reliability at the heart of everything. Where it was once an afterthought, we want to make reliability central to your DevOps toolset.

To that end, we’re building a world-leading reliability knowledge base. And to help implement what we learn: a brand new platform for developers around the galaxy to collaborate, learn, and help one another evolve.

The Reliably Solution

As devs ourselves, we know the last thing practitioners want is yet another new thing to master. Instead, devs want help. So that’s what we’re offering: answers, not questions.

The Reliably platform is designed to provide real, actionable suggestions for your code. And to do so with minimal input required by DevOps engineers. It’s simple, but it’s powerful.

We believe this is the future: a new frontier for reliability.

The Reliably Team

Screenshot of a Zoom call with the Reliably team.


Russ Miles
CEO & Co-founder

Russ is Reliably’s CEO. Outside of Reliably, Russ is an international speaker and author. Recent publications include Chaos Engineering Observability and Learning Chaos Engineering, from O’Reilly.

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Sylvain Hellegouarch
CTO & Co-founder

Sylvain is Reliably’s CTO. He also serves as lead custodian to the Chaos Toolkit open source community – where he ensures projects remain open to all.

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